<<remember $pizzaPicked = true>>You're hooked up to a machine. Your nipples are attached to tubes that you're powerless to remove.\n\nThe tubes begin to steal.\n\nWill you be able to feed your child?\n\nYour child.\n\nYou would cry out for your child, but nobody is listening. Well, nobody who could do anything about it.\n\nYou're in a sort of reverse orphanage. Here you stand with other mothers whose children have been taken away from them.\n\nPerhaps it's better that you don't know what will happen to the children. [[You've got enough to deal with|Rape]].
You don't have the words for it, but let me see if I can help. After all, if you could talk yourself, you probably wouldn't need my help with this.\n\nYou've got real freedom, in a lot of the most important ways. You're as free as you can be while still being subject to the laws of gravity.\n\nBut they're barely laws to you: Muybridge proved as much; you have no use for them (or him). You just go.\n\nHow fortunate you are. You've certainly got your admirers. Though, perhaps that's not always a good thing.\n\nYou'd much rather meander about the grass ([[carefully|Hunger]]) with your kin, but sometimes people who say they love you aren't good to you.\n\nYour kind, that is. You're not having your back broken, yourself. You have concern for neither firearm nor pike. You're one of the lucky ones.\n\nYou just race when you want to. Your life isn't a competition, even if some say the wild always is. [[Civilization|Menu]] is frought with far more strife, just ask Venus.
<<remember $hamburgerPicked = true>>Red-hot iron presses against your flesh, searing a dark tattoo into your vulnerable skin.\n\nYou're no longer anonymous.\n\nThe pain of your new identification badge is a small distraction from the cold weather.\n\nThe cold weather is a small distraction from the smell of shit.\n\nThe smell of shit is a small distraction from how difficult it is to breathe.\n\nHow difficult it is to breathe is a small distraction from how much your stomach hurts.\n\nHow much your stomach hurts is a small distraction from the pain of your new identification badge.\n\nYou decide to [[eat grass|Eat Grass]].
Dhp129: HF
It's near the end of your shift. Good thing, too. You're out of patience and nearly out of gas for the grill, and no more will be coming until tomorrow.\n\nYou drop the meat for your new order onto the grill. Flames reach up and lick the pink muscle tissue.\n\n//Stupid bullshit//, you think as you reach for the thermometer. Normally you wouldn't bother, but your boss tends to show up near the end of the day.\n\nStill dripping with juices from your last dish, you plunge it into your current masterpiece. //Masterpiece, yeah right//.\n\nYou allow it to cook for a little while, but your customer is probably getting pretty impatient. //Fuck him//.\n\nThe thermometer reads <<if Math.random() gt 0.5>>130 F.<<else>>150 F.\n<<endif>> Close enough.\n\n[["Order's ready."|Menu]]
You're crawling on your belly, slinking through the grass. Blades part from your path, seemingly out of respect. But really, they have no choice.\n\nYou're a powerful creature, no doubt. Not invincible, however. You could be conquered from the sky at any moment. You try to keep from being seen. Your subtle movements make you a top covert agent, though "agent" has certain inappropriate connotations.\n\nOn the ground, you strike fear in nearly all who know you. Not all of those who cower from you know your name (you've had no use for it yourself), but they know deeply that your form is to be avoided. It is certainly not to be trusted--at least, that's what they say.\n\nIt's another cold day. What a difference [[some warmth|Warmth]] would make as you make your way through the world.
You've missed nearly the entire inning. You thought you heard your team get a hit or maybe even a [[run|Horse]], but you can't tell for sure. The sooner you can get your food and get back to your seat, the better.\n\nHow this game is played will have an enormous influence on the way things work out later in the season, and it's not every day that you get to see your favorite team on the road.\n\nThey sure could use your support these days.\n\nAnyway, you take a look at the menu. It's pretty ordinary. The prices are higher than you thought they'd be.\n\n''Specials:''\n<<if not $hamburgerPicked>>-[[Hamburger]]<<else>>-//<html><del>Hamburger</del></html>//<<endif>>\n<<if not $pizzaPicked>>-[[Cheese Pizza|Cheese]]<<else>>-//<html><del>Cheese Pizza</del></html>//<<endif>>\n<<if not $chickenPicked>>-[[Chicken Sandwich|Chicken]]<<else>>-//<html><del>Fried Chicken</del></html>//<<endif>>\n<<if not $hotdogPicked>>-[[Hot Dog|Dog]]<<else>>-//<html><del>Hot Dog</del></html>//<<endif>>\n''Sides:''\n<<if not $baconPicked>>-[[Bacon]]<<else>>--//<html><del>Bacon</del></html>//<<endif>>\n-[[Garden Salad]]\n\n<<if $baconPicked and $hotdogPicked and $chickenPicked and $pizzaPicked and $hamburgerPicked>>You probably won't get all of the nutrients you need from a ballpark salad. There are [[resources|http://www.vegansociety.com/lifestyle/nutrition/sources-of-nutrition.aspx]] that can help you be healthy without animal products, though.<<endif>>
If you're here, you probably did something that you'd never do in real life.\n\nI mean, this is a game (sort of). That's what games tend to be for.\n\nYou'd never prioritize your appetite over the consent of another sentient being, right? You'd never force your will upon another animal.\n\nI love you. I know you wouldn't do that.\n\nIt's okay. This was all virtual.\n\n<<if $animal eq "cow">>You don't even <html><a href="http://twitter.com/share?text=I%20didn't%20rape%20a%20cow%20(not%20really,%20that%20is).%20%23Dhp129HF%20http://www.devinwilson.net/Dhp129HF.html" target="_blank">need to apologize</html>.\n<<endif>><<if $animal eq "dog">>You don't even <html><a href="http://twitter.com/share?text=I%20didn't%20rape%20a%20dog%20(not%20really,%20that%20is).%20%23Dhp129HF%20http://www.devinwilson.net/Dhp129HF.html" target="_blank">need to apologize</html>.<<endif>><<if $animal eq "pig">>\nYou don't even <html><a href="http://twitter.com/share?text=I%20didn't%20rape%20a%20pig%20(not%20really,%20that%20is).%20%23Dhp129HF%20http://www.devinwilson.net/Dhp129HF.html" target="_blank">need to apologize</html>.<<endif>><<if $animal eq "chicken">>\nYou don't even <html><a href="http://twitter.com/share?text=I%20didn't%20rape%20a%20chicken%20(not%20really,%20that%20is).%20%23Dhp129HF%20http://www.devinwilson.net/Dhp129HF.html" target="_blank">need to apologize</html>.<<endif>>\n\nReady to take another look at the [[menu|Menu]]?
<<remember $baconPicked = true>><<set $animal = "pig">>Listen:\n\nBacon is just a side dish in this story. It's not awesome. It's part of an animal's body. An unhealthy part to eat, actually. Particularly if you fry it.\n\nBacon comes from [[pigs|Choice]]. Pigs have been shown to be smarter than [[a lot of animals|Warmth]].
There's no grass here. There's not the slightest hint of the color green anywhere in here.\n\nPerhaps if you [[turn around|Turn Around]]...
<<remember $hotdogPicked = true>>Hot dogs aren't necessarily "hot dogs". They can be cold, and they're typically not made with dog meat.\n<<set $animal = "dog">>\nIt'd be pretty sick if we did that, [[right|Choice]]?
You're sitting on a large wooden fence, and there's a <<print $animal>> enclosed within.\n\n[[Pet|Warmth]] the <<print $animal>>.\n[[Hit]] the <<print $animal>>.\n[[Kill]] the <<print $animal>>.\n[[Fuck]] the <<print $animal>>.
You're so [[hungry|Hunger]] you could eat a [[horse|Horse]].
<<if $animal eq "cow">>You walk up to the quiet bovine.\n\nYou have no gun of any kind in your inventory. You do have a small, serrated knife that you had used to cut a tomato moments earlier.\n\nIt was good food.\n\nPutting one arm around the cow's neck, you ready the blade in the opposite hand.\n\nThe animal gently moves her head away from your knife hand, mostly to free herself of your other arm. She doesn't know you mean her harm.\n\nYou jerk her head back towards you, and bring your knife hand up towards her throat in a quick, uppercut kind of motion.\n\nHer skin breaks, but not as easily as you'd expected (or maybe hoped).\n\nShe reacts with a low, sonorous sound. Not a "moo". Something far more real, more animal.\n\nYou're not a [[carnivore|Hunger]]. You're afraid of carnivores, the real ones. Real carnivores don't care. They don't have a choice.\n\nYou had a choice.\n\nBlood falls down your arm. Occasional streams of the red liquid splash your clothing as you weild the knife desperately. Looks like you won't be going out in this shirt.\n\nCows aren't very fast, but that doesn't make them easy to kill. She puts up a good fight. Even once you've cut her throat all the way across and she's lying on her side, she's not still.\n\nShe didn't want this. She didn't ask for this.\n\nShe kicks.\n\nShe didn't [[order|Prepare]] this.\n\nShe convulses and seems to moan. Maybe gargle is a more appropriate word.\n\nShe dies a few minutes later.\n<<endif>><<if $animal eq "dog">>\nThe dog looks up at you cheerfully. He wags his tail and you could swear he has a smile on his face.\n\n//He's just an animal.//\n\nYou kick him over onto his back and step on his throat. He lets out a yelp.\n\n//Very lifelike.//\n\nYour foot isn't killing him fast enough. You are getting bored. You pick up the weakened animal and break his neck.\n\nIt is now an it. The body lies limp [[in your hands|Warmth]].\n\n<html><a href="http://twitter.com/share?text=I%20just%20killed%20a%20dog%20for%20fun,%20for%20a%20game.%20I%20stepped%20on%20its%20throat%20and%20then%20broke%20its%20neck.%20%23Dhp129HF%20http://www.devinwilson.net/Dhp129HF.html" target="_blank">I wonder whose dog this is.</html>\n<<endif>><<if $animal eq "pig">>\nThis pig is covered in mud. Filthy animal.\n\nIts only redeeming quality is that it's the only known source of bacon. You read on the Internet that people like bacon an awful lot.\n\nMaybe if you got some bacon from this pig, people on the internet would like you.\n\nHow best to kill this thing? You don't want to damage its bacon center or whatever.\n\nYou stalk towards the pig, thinking of all of the culinary delights that bacon could be fused with. Ice cream. Vodka. Soda. Cake. Pie. Cookies. Cupcakes. God. Bakin' with bacon.\n\nBacon combined with bacon (and more bacon).\n\nAs you continue to daydream about bacon, the pig decides that you're not to be trusted and finds a way out of the fenced-in area.\n\n//<html><a href="http://twitter.com/share?text=I%20was%20going%20to%20kill%20a%20pig%20for%20some%20bacon,%20but%20it%20outsmarted%20me.%20%23Dhp129HF%20http://www.devinwilson.net/Dhp129HF.html" target="_blank">Damnit.</html>//\n\nMaybe you'll just get some bacon at [[work|Prepare]].\n<<endif>><<if $animal eq "chicken">>\nYou chase the chicken around the pen for a few minutes before finally tackling it after an impressive [[dive to the ground|Hunger]].\n\nAs you spit dust from your lips, the chicken gives you a sharp peck on the cheek (not the good kind). Deciding you don't want that to happen again, you quickly stand up and hold the chicken so that it can't get its beak near you.\n\nChickens don't have very strong necks. You break its neck without much effort, but it begins to convulse immediately afterwards. Your surprise of its continued existence makes you drop it.\n\nIt hits the ground, but it keeps moving. Maybe it's dead, but it really doesn't look like it to you.\n\nIt's now been five seconds since you snapped its neck. Its moving more than when you were chasing it.\n\nTen seconds. Still flapping wildly.\n\nFifteen seconds and its faint wavings still keep you at bay.\n\n<html><a href="http://twitter.com/share?text=I%20killed%20a%20chicken.%20Badly.%20It%20died%20very%20slowly.%20%23Dhp129HF%20http://www.devinwilson.net/Dhp129HF.html" target="_blank">Is it dead enough for you?</html>\n<<endif>>
You are not a plant. Plants don't have thoughts, desires, or fears.\n\nThey just gently lean towards the [[sun|Warmth]].\n\nThat's not very dramatic, is it?
You can't turn around. You're shoulder-to-shoulder with your [[cellmate|Hamburger]].\n\nYou've committed no crime.\n\nYou have no right to an attorney.\n\nCan you imagine being born into a death sentence?\n<<set $animal = "cow">>\nYou don't have to.\n\nYou had no [[choice|Choice]].
You strike the <<print $animal>> as hard as you can. I don't know why. It wasn't a threat to you at all.\n\n<<if $animal eq "cow">>An old man walks out of a nearby building. "What are you doing to my cow?!" he screams.\n\n<html><a href="http://twitter.com/share?text=I%20abused%20a%20cow.%20I%20beat%20it%20mercilessly.%20%23Dhp129HF%20http://www.devinwilson.net/Dhp129HF.html" target="_blank">I hope you're proud of yourself.</html>\n<<endif>><<if $animal eq "dog">>\nA young lady walks out of a nearby building. "What are you doing to my dog?!" she screams.\n\n<html><a href="http://twitter.com/share?text=I%20abused%20a%20dog.%20I%20beat%20it%20mercilessly.%20%23Dhp129HF%20http://www.devinwilson.net/Dhp129HF.html" target="_blank">I hope you're proud of yourself.</html>\n<<endif>><<if $animal eq "chicken">>\nA little boy walks out of a nearby building. "What are you doing to that chicken?!" he cries.\n\n<html><a href="http://twitter.com/share?text=I%20abused%20a%20chicken.%20I%20beat%20it%20mercilessly.%20%23Dhp129HF%20http://www.devinwilson.net/Dhp129HF.html" target="_blank">I hope you're proud of yourself.</html>\n<<endif>><<if $animal eq "pig">>\nA woman walks out of a nearby building. She yells, "Leave that pig alone!"\n\n<html><a href="http://twitter.com/share?text=I%20abused%20a%20pig.%20I%20beat%20it%20mercilessly.%20%23Dhp129HF%20http://www.devinwilson.net/Dhp129HF.html" target="_blank">I hope you're proud of yourself.</html>\n<<endif>>
<<remember $chickenPicked = true>>You're being held upside-down by your legs. You're forcefully put into shackles and you finally get a chance to look around.\n\nYou're on some sort of machine in a large building with strange lighting. Those who you were with on the journey here are similarly suspended, and you're all moving along a track leading around a corner.\n\nYou struggle to get free, but the most you are able to accomplish is nudging your neighbors.\n\nYou fight still to understand.\n\nAs you round the corner, you see that your path will take you through a basin of water. A humming sound disguises the din of the commotion.\n\nSomeone further along the line than you tries to avoid drowning by keeping her head above the surface.\n\nShe succeeds in that, but only at first. In her struggle, she touches her submerged neighbor and suddenly passes out, her head splashing passively into the water below.\n\nWe've been practically living on top of one another for weeks. Why did that happen?\n\nStill, you're sure you don't want your head kept underwater. As you finally make your approach, you take every effort to keep out of the water, striving just as much to stay clear of those unable to do so.\n\nIt's come to avoiding contact with your brothers and sisters, as well as a fluid needed for life. Water, turned into a tool of Death.\n\nBut not for you. You clear the container of water and--while you're still frightened--you can relax slightly for a moment.\n\nA very short moment. A loud, terrible machine looms down the way. It's hitting the throats of the limp bodies ahead, slicing them open and causing crimson showers to erupt from their bodies.\n\nYou really don't want this. You really, really don't want this.\n\nIt's not your [[choice|Choice]].\n\nIt passes.\n<<set $animal = "chicken">>
by Devin Wilson
She hugs you uncritically, her small arms creating a near-parody of an ideal embrace as they fall clumsily upon your side.\n\nBut this is, in fact, an ideal embrace. The sleeves of her yellow sweater--which she'll be outgrowing soon--become slightly buried under your golden brown hair.\n\nShe can barely walk, much less [[run|Horse]]. Her awkward limbs carefully pull away from you and she makes her way to a tennis ball lying on the carpet.\n\nYou have no racquet, nor would you want one. The best you could do is hold it in your mouth. You'll eat a lot of things, but having that in your mouth doesn't appeal to you.\n\nYou'll return the ball, though. She would like that. You know that despite the communication issues that everybody would have with a girl this young.\n\nWords aren't important.\n\n[[The ball is thrown|Menu]].
You haven't forgotten your child. They want you to, though.\n\nHow could you? They're always taking what you would've fed him... or her? You don't know; you don't even know which to prefer.\n\nIt's happening again. A couple of men put you in a pen and lock your head in place.\n\nThey're going to have their way with you. They think you don't mind. They think you may even like it. But they don't know.\n\nThey just take.\n\nA hand goes into your anus.\n\nYou try to force it out any way you can. Feces spills out over the hand's arm. The arm's owner doesn't seem embarrassed.\n\nHe's manipulating your body. He's deep inside you.\n\nYou're penetrated vaginally. Semen is shot into you.\n\nThey try to decide if you're still useful to them.\n\n<<if Math.random() gt 0.5>>\n[[You're not.|Hamburger]]\n<<else>>\n[[You are.|Cheese]]\n<<endif>>