It is morning.\n\nYou're in New York City for the Different Games conference. It's April 27th, 2013. You haven't had quite enough sleep, but everyone's been friendly and brilliant.\n\nBrooklyn has amazing restaurants.\n\nYou're sitting cross-legged on a hotel bed in Queens as your co-presenters try to repair their sleep deficit. You'll soon return to NYU-Poly to share your card game about Collateralized Debt Obligations and Credit Default Swaps. It's kind of like poker.\n\nYou check your e-mail and see that [[the Ludum Dare 26 theme was chosen|...]].
Devin Wilson
Different Games: A Ludum Dare Entry
The theme is Minimalism.\n\nYou make a quick entry to continue your streak of Ludum Dare participation, and [[test its first screen|Start]].