slaughtr (2015) – A vision of a new meat economy.

Spooky Dodgeball at a Distance (2015) – A game that uses only PS Move controllers and Neurosky EEG headsets for input, and Move controllers and audio for output.

CDS Mess (2015) – A card game about the financial industry and its role in the 2008 economic crisis.

2048: FFFFFF Edition and 2048: 000000 Edition (2014) – Modifications of the game 2048.

@CheeseMTBot (2014) – An animal advocacy Twitter bot.

Spooky Thumb Wrestling at a Distance (2013) – A game that uses only PS Move controllers and audio for output.

(Note from 2017: starting at around this point in the list, some of these projects may not behave as originally intended due to changing technology/standards including the decreasing support for Flash in newer machines and their web browsers. I hope to update these works ASAP but, until then, you may need to manually install Flash and/or try different browsers/computers, if any one of these works does not function immediately.)

The Drinking Game (2012) – A Facebook/tabletop game about alcohol.

Dhp129: HF (2012) – Interactive fiction built in Twine for a Ludum Dare competition (Theme: Evolution), a follow-up to Dhp129.

WChess 2000: Online (2012) – A spiritual successor to Yoko Ono’s White Chess Set/Play It By Trust.

Epic Scale Warfare (2012) – An experimental game made for a Ludum Dare competition (Theme: Tiny World).

Zen Reverb (2012) – A simple database e-poem.

Pit Chess (2012) – A pit-puzzler game using chess pieces.

Forgiveness (2012) – An experimental game.

Expecting a Call/Tyranny (2011) – Two experimental games made for a Ludum Dare competition (Theme: Alone).

Flagship (2011) – An experimental game.

foggy fields/ffShmup (2011) – A set of games made for Kongregate’s Project Eden music game contest.

Dhp129 (2011) – A game about food and where it comes from.

On and On… (2010) – A music creation virtual world.

Iterator (2009) – An interactive toy for exploring the ethics of sampling in hip-hop.

etc (small experiments, some Ludum Dare entries, other works)