My somewhat inactive (though liable to be revived at any moment) instrumental music project is called Dereification. Here are those tracks on Spotify:

You can also get these tracks on Bandcamp (buy all three for a discount), iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and other music services.


Demos and other free things are available on my SoundCloud page.

One of my favorite things that I’ve uploaded there is this instrumental metal cover of Paramore’s “Misery Business”:

I also like this improvisation-heavy thing that I recorded:

And while I’m talking about my SoundCloud account, why not include this “fan solo” forĀ Exivious’s “Entrust”:


I’ve also got some videos of me playing guitar on my YouTube channel. In addition to a different “Entrust” solo than the one that’s on SoundCloud, here’s another video I have on there: a clip from a 2013 live performance, in which I improvised alongside a program I wrote to randomly play back previous parts of the performance (sort of a “shuffled looper”, almost):