Here you can find many of the things I’ve written. I offer no guarantee that I still agree with all of it; I like to believe that I think and write better as time progresses.

(I’ve made worse mistakes with words than anything you’ll read below, though!)

About Pro Wrestling:

In 2017, I started a somewhat atypical pro wrestling website called Meatless Rib.

About Games:

The Eurogame as Heterotopia.” Analog Game Studies 2.7 (November 2015). Here I write about how eurogames’ abstract thematic content is of unique hermeneutic interest.

A Guide to Ending ‘Gamers’“, 28 August 2014. The Gamasutra Featured Post that made me a footnote in GamerGate history. (By the way—in case you need to be told this, I did not coordinate with anybody at Gamasutra or anywhere else. A lot of us wrote about the “gamer” problem at once because it was acutely revealing itself to be a huge problem.)

“The Three Marks of Existence in Buddhism and Games”, 2014. My MFA thesis paper.

‘Somewhat Interesting’: Artgames and WarGames“, 3 February 2014. A Gamasutra Featured Post about subversive games.

‘Duchamping in Game Making’: An Analysis of Pippin Barr’s Parodic Computer Games“, 2 March 2013. An analysis of Pippin Barr’s parodic computer games.

What’s in a Game?“, 11 April 2013. A Gamasutra Featured Post about Games and games.

Games with (Sports)Friends“, 7 December 2012 – A Gamasutra post about social games.

Why Hotline Miami?“, 26 October 2012 – A Gamasutra post that got me into a lot of trouble and—at risk of being narcissistic—may have inspired Gamasutra to add a disclaimer to all community posts. Despite many accusations at the time that it was, it is not a review of a Hotline Miami. While elements of this post were probably misguided, I still dislike that we uncritically excuse so many problematic aspects of games (particularly indie darlings).

Music, Art History, and the ‘Dumb Games’ Debate“, 3 May 2012. Another post on Gamasutra.

Various iOS game reviews on Slide to Play, June 2011 to April 2012. Click to see my author page from my stint as a game reviewer/journalist. I also wrote some things on its (now defunct) sister site—Padvance—including this SpellTower review (as the game was originally only for iPad), a round-up of impressive iPad music creation apps, a review of a particular music creation app, and a review of Björk’s Biophilia suite.

In Defense of Tedium“, 22 December 2011. A Featured Post on Gamasutra.

Minecraft is Unrealistic and Unethical“, 10 December 2011. My first Featured Post on Gamasutra. I’m not sure that the argument aligns with the current state of Minecraft. I should revisit the topic.

Some of the game reviews I posted to Giant Bomb (kind of interesting to look back at, for me):

Other Topics:

I have a Tumblr blog called “Devin is an imposter“, in which I allow myself to be wrong (and hopefully end up being “right” sometimes).

Ramblings on Improvising, Outside Playing, and Robert Fripp“, 22 January 2015. Some thoughts on music-making.

Thanks, Buffalo (or Maybe Amherst)“, 23 July 2014. I got sentimental when I was moving from Buffalo to Atlanta.

Veganism Isn’t Good“, 16 February 2013 – A quick blog about my philosophy regarding veganism (which may be surprising given the title… as I am a vegan).